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#121: Fulfillment Without Consummation (Plus Thoughts on Terrorism)

Important Update – The Rest of 2023

What and Why, But Not How

My New Book is Only $1.99 Right Now

#120: Pretentious Obedience vs. Delayed Response

Unleashing God's Power

When You Come Together …

#119: Grabbing the Box Seats in the Kingdom

Born of Water and the Spirit

Are You Waiting or Avoiding?

#118: An Image of the Kingdom Americans Hate

Identifying Your Spiritual Gift

When Giants Walked the Earth (The Real Apostolic Succession)

#117: The Kingdom and Sexuality

Church Doesn't Mean Called Out Ones

This is Extraordinary!

#116: Mercy and Forgiveness in the Kingdom

Organic Church Planting (Apostolic Ministry)

The Way God Raises Up Workers

#115: The Greatest in the Kingdom

Asking for Help

The Problem with Human Hierarchy

#114: Losing with Jesus is Winning with God

Requesting Your Feedback

The Eternal Purpose in Music & Film

#113: On This Rock I Will Build My Church

Jesus vs. Moses (Grace vs. Law)

#112: Treasures New and Old

News and Controversy

How to Wait on God

What is Fruit-Bearing?

#111: Evil Amid the Kingdom Community

Surround Yourself with People Like This

The Industrial Religious Complex

#110: Hidden Treasure and Priceless Pearl

The Pain of Regret

An Important Invitation

#109: Weeds and Wheat in the Kingdom

Two or Three Witnesses

Fix Yourself a Glass of Shut Up Juice

#108: Understanding the Word of the Kingdom

Conference Messages

I Don't Fit Into the Club

A Living Eulogy

#107: Jesus Receives and Rejects the Unexpected

You Don't Have to Imagine

Welcome to the Revolution

The Subtle Art of Receiving God’s Power

#106: Jesus, Miracles, and Universalism

Beware Your Frozen Lake

#105: I Came to Fulfill (Not Abolish) the Law

Revival, Reformation, Restoration, and Revolution

#104: Persecution and Confronting Idols

Hearing the Voice of Christ

Frank's Two Podcasts

New Rant on Legalism

Hearing the Voice That Has No Words

#103: Jesus the First Apostle

For Her Hand He Was Crucified

#102: When Heaven Invades Earth

Rethinking Failure in God’s Work